A Facebook group has just dropped the biggest hack since borders opened.

A member of the group, Charlie Sun, posted his experience with flight cancellations and added in a hack that could save other flyers a lot of hassle.

He found that the flight he originally booked had been “delayed for more than 10 hours every day since August.”

He then recommended a website called FlightRadar24 which tracks historical flight data.

What you can do is plug in your flight number in the ‘data’ section of the website. It will tell you the history of the flight you want to get tickets for and whether or not it’s been getting cancelled for the last few months.

It can be for any airline, as long as you don’t leave a space between any of the characters.

So for instance this flight from Melbourne to Cairns has been consistent for the land week.


An indication if your flight is untrustworthy is if it’s either been consistently cancelled or that green line is red meaning it’s arrived late, and most likely got delayed.

Now go forth and travel (slightly less) stressfully!

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