After the 2 years we’ve just had and ‘The Great Resignation’ just around the corner, this opportunity is probably looking really good right now.

Airbnb is planning to send one incredibly lucky individual to South Italy for a whole year and they plan to send you very soon!!

Can you drop everything in the next 5 months and live in a remote town in Sicily for 365 days? Well then read ahead!

Applications are open now and they want to send you as soon as June 30th, 2022!

What do you win? Take a deep breath because it sounds incredible.


You’ll be living in a freshly renovated historic townhouse now dubbed ‘1 Euro House’, the townhouse has been given an incredible makeover funded by Airbnb and Studio Didea – an Italian architectural firm.

You’ll be residing in the gorgeous rural village of Sambuca in Sicily which only has a population of 6000.

1 Euro House has three stories, two bedrooms and you’ll live and work there.

One bedroom for you to reside in and the second one to be listed on Airbnb, because yes, you’ll be working as an Airbnb host while you live there rent-free!

If you win, you’ll be able to bring a friend or your partner or even your family but max of two adults and two kids.


The prize offers rent-free accommodation, Italian language courses for a month, 4 x cooking classes, and your flight to Sambuca!

It’s not an entirely free ride though, you’ll have to cover the costs of living day-to-day as well as costs associated with renting 1 Euro House on Airbnb ie) personnel, consumables, cleaning services, utility contracts, AND property maintenance.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, apply HERE before February 18th!

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