Dairy Farmers Classic, has introduced a new limited edition flavour to market – as a Classic celebrates a classic.

Aussies have recently voted the old school classic Vanilla Slice as their favourite baked good. A new survey saw the custardy treat, Vanilla Slice, beat Chocolate Éclair, Lamington and Scone to the title of Australia’s favourite baked sweet.

To celebrate this win, Dairy Farmers Classic has released a limited-edition Vanilla Slice flavoured milk… sounds delicious; any way you slice it. Vanilla slice and flavoured milk lovers, this is not a drill.

The limited-edition Dairy Farmers Classic Vanilla Slice flavoured milk is available at Woolworths now in Queensland, NSW and South Australia. With the product to be available at Coles, Independent grocery, and convenience stores (also in Qld, NSW and SA) from October 24, for a limited time only.