It’s the worst when you see food on TikTok that you desperately want to try and then find out it’s only available in another country.

You may have seen people indulging in mochi ice cream in their ASMR videos, doing a product review or making their own homemade ones.

The smooth and creamy gelato, wrapped in mochi dough has touched down in Australia thanks to Little Moons. They’ve launched three of the brand’s most popular flavours – Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut, Vegan Tropical Passionfruit & Mango & Honey Roasted Pistachio.

To celebrate the brand’s arrival in Australia, Little Moons will be handing out delicious samples to ice cream lovers in Bondi Beach on Friday, 7 October 2022!

If you miss out, you can get your hands on these delectable balls from Woolies stores now!

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