The iHeartRadio Music Festival returns to Las Vegas on September 22nd and 23rd, promising an unforgettable weekend of music at the T-Mobile Arena. The star-studded lineup features a mix of music legends and contemporary sensations, delivering a fusion of timeless hits and modern chart-toppers.

Throwback Highlights: Icons of the Past

The festival lineup boasts artists with remarkable histories:

  • Foo Fighters: Formed in 1994 by Dave Grohl, a former member of Nirvana, Foo Fighters have consistently rocked the scene. “Everlong” (1997) remains an enduring rock anthem.
  • Fall Out Boy: The emo-pop band took the 2000s by storm, with “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” (2005) solidifying their pop-punk legacy.
  • Kelly Clarkson: The first American Idol winner in 2002, Kelly Clarkson’s powerhouse vocals and relatable persona have earned her a lasting spot in pop history.
  • Lil Wayne: A pioneering force in hip-hop, Lil Wayne’s impact is epitomized by his album “Tha Carter III” (2008).
  • Lenny Kravitz: A master of genre-blurring, Lenny Kravitz’s hits like “Are You Gonna Go My Way” (1993) exemplify his rock-funk fusion.
  • Public Enemy: Known for politically charged lyrics, Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” (1989) remains an anthem for change.
  • Sheryl Crow: The ’90s were enriched by Sheryl Crow’s soulful sound, with “All I Wanna Do” (1994) capturing the era’s essence.
  • Tim McGraw: A country music icon, Tim McGraw’s journey is marked by hits like “Indian Outlaw” (1994) and “Live Like You Were Dying” (2004).
  • Thirty Seconds to Mars: Fronted by Jared Leto, the band’s album “This Is War” (2009) showcases their cinematic rock style.

Surprises and Harmony: Collaborative Magic

Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the festival thrives on unexpected collaborations. It’s a platform where music transcends genres, creating harmonies that resonate across generations.

Here are some of our absolute favourite collaborations from throughout the years!


When P!nk and Kelly Clarkson sang ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Miley Cyrus and Billy Idol were the collaboration we never knew we needed. Miley once again proves her insane vocal range!

A Tribute to Timeless Melodies

The 2023 iHeartRadio Music Festival is a tribute to the music that defines eras. Each performance carries a rich history, and attendees can expect an emotional journey through the tapestry of musical excellence. Whether you’re an enthusiast or casual listener, this festival is your gateway to the power of melodies. Prepare for a harmonious weekend in Las Vegas that unites music lovers across time and space.

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