The yogurt brand Müllerlight commissioned a music psychologist, Dr. Michael Bonshor to conduct a study that reveals the happiest song of all time.

It was found that the happiest sounding songs are in a major key. Using a special formula for the study, Dr. Bonshor discovered that the happiest song was Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys.

Dr. Bonshor found songs with a tempo of 137 beats per minute with a verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure are the most uplifting.

Following the formula, it is revealed that these are the top 10 scientifically happiest songs ever:

1. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
2. I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown
3. House Of Fun by Madness
4. Get The Party Started by P!nk
5. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
6. Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley
7. I Get Around by The Beach Boys
8. YMCA by Village People
9. Waterloo by ABBA
10. September by Earth, Wind & Fire

So next time you’re feeling down, get the karaoke machine ready, these are sure to help!

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