The iconic Aussie beach has announced they will be becoming a nude beach on November 26. Yes, butt naked. All to raise awareness for skin cancer.

It all started with world-renowned artist Spencer Tunick. He has called all Aussies to assemble from dawn on November 26 in the nude to shoot photos in collaboration with Skin Check Champions.

CEO and founder of Skin Check Champions Scott Maggs believes this bold move will draw the most attention to raise awareness.

“With Australia recording the highest number of deadly skin cancers in the world every year, it made sense to host this monumental public awareness campaign in a city that has so many people at risk,” he told Daily Telegraph.

“We just want this to grab everyone’s attention on something that could save their lives. And, not only are we gonna be gathering over two and a half thousand people to represent how many people are killed by skin cancer every year, we’re actually making history for Bondi Beach to be the, for the first time declared a nude beach,” he told 9News.

With that being said, who’s stripping tomorrow?

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