If you’ve eaten corn, then you’ve seen it in your poop.

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki has answered our life long question. Why can we see the corn when it comes out the other end? Dr. Karl is spitting nothing but facts in his TikTok.

“It turns out corn has a very tough outer coating called the pericarp. Very very tough…,” “So tough, it turns out corn is one of the very few foods that you can actually pop.” – OMG. Popcorn.

Continuing on, Dr. Karl adds “That tough, and very thin outer coating can withstand enormous pressures.”

“Like 90 tonnes per square metre which is what you need for making popcorn, but, which is so tough your stomach acids won’t digest them easily.”

“So you see the pericarp, is very thin coating in your poo.”

Check out his TikTok:



@drkarl Why does corn always end up in your poo? Asking the important questions #drkarl #drkarlkruszelnicki #science ♬ original sound – Dr Karl

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