If you’re married, congratulations! You’re welcome to email me anytime, my address is patheticallysingle@onmyown.com – I’ll take all the tips I can get to climb THAT mountain – so boldly as you’ve managed to.

Now I’ve got the formalities out the way, there seems to be a number of disenfranchised husbands who have ‘URGENT’ questions to ask their wives…

Using the App Whisper husbands have anonymously uploaded the questions they’re too scared to ask…

Some of them are pretty shocking;

Question #1:

“Why is it fair I stay fit, but my wife gains 30lbs in one year?”

Yep. Not much more to say on that one.


Question #2:

“Why does my wife dress sexy when she goes outside, but never when it’s with me…?”

Valid point, but I say it’s a sign of great comfortability and trust in the relationship. There’s a large, judgmental world out there…

Question #3:

“Why does my wife play happy families when people are around, but wants to split up the rest of the time?”

I hope they find the strength to do a relationship audit and settle this issue. But yikes. I’m sure we have a couple that comes to mind for this one.


Question #4:

“Why does my wife touch her phone every morning before she touches me? :(“

This won’t help, but I touch my phone first too. It’s an addiction. Granted there’s not many other things to touch when I wake up.

Question #5:

“Why does my wife insist with living her life through Facebook? Grrr.”

Under the proviso you’re not a boring person, I think that’s a valid question. Go on a spontaneous date! Log off! Do SOMETHING!


Question #6:

“Why does my wife find it okay to constantly make a noise and disturb my sleep before work, but I walk on eggshells when she needs her rest?”

This does feel like a double standard. Although if she’s looking after the kids 24/7 or doing some queen shit like that, I think there’s room for a “give and take” economy here.

Question #7:

“Why does my wife get so mad if I watch p*rn by myself? Seriously, I never have trouble performing in bed with her, she just doesn’t want it as often as I do, it’s not cheating.”

I think this is a difference of opinion. Also, as I mentioned I’m single AF, so me and the ‘adult side’ of the internet are well acquainted… It’s not worth judging me this late into the article, seriously.


Question #8:

“I want to ask my wife to have a threesome.”

Sexual fantasies are normal… Nothing wrong with trying something new in the bedroom? Maybe it’s the ‘drafting of the team’ that will determine the success of this one. Lol.

Question #9:

“So I want to ask my wife to have a poly relationship but not sure how to go about it…”

If you’re already married, and things have been signed. Don’t even try to ask this one. My opinion only.


Question #10:

“Why does my wife find it so hard to say ‘sorry’ and be so stubborn…?”

“Sorry,” it’s a hard thing to say for anyone. But let’s make sure we’re doing a personal audit first, yeah? Some self-reflection time.

Question #11:

“Why is it so hard just to get my wife to kiss me!?”

Why is so hard to pick up a broom every once in a while? AHEM… Use a breath mint, try your luck, and assess from there.


Question #12:

“I too am disgusted of my body, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to make love to you… So why does it stop you?”

God, I feel horrible, but I think the answer is in your own question. Get your head right first, and then think about the body. Exercise and improved mental health usually come hand-in-hand.

Question #13:

“I am laid back and like to be happy, why does my wife always have to be stressed and start arguments?”

Brother, it is possible to be TOO laid back. If you struggle to remember the last time you put a dish away, there’s a problem… Or do anything at all for that matter.


Was I too harsh with these responses? I replied like that OVERTLY single friend who has no issue with dishing relationship advice, regardless of their loneli- singlehood.

Have a great day x


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