“Oh Boy!” – Mickey Mouse and everyone who reads that headline.

Yerrp, the happiest place on Earth could be coming down under. Aussie businessman and winemaker Warren Randall wants Mickey and all his pals to set up shop in South Australia.

Speaking to SA newspaper The Advertiser he said “I think, in tourism, we’re all a little bit sick and tired of Adelaide being the place you fly over when you go from Sydney to Perth. It is time we made a statement, a few statements, in our state. McLaren Vale would be my spot — wide, open, flat, next to the beach, next to the ranges — makes a lot of sense.” Apparently he’s also prepared to part with some of his land to make it happen, so that’s awesome.

According to a spokesperson for South Australian Premiere Peter Malinauskas the government are yet to receive a “formal proposal” for the theme park but with a little Disney Magic anything can happen right?

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