Telstra pulled a sneaky recently and implemented something which gives a bunch of Australians access to FREE INTERNET.

You know when you’re driving past an old payphone and think “ha! I forgot those existed” well laugh no more my friend, that’s now your portal to the wonderful world of kitten videos and free self help e-books – the internet.

In 2021 Telstra made all payphones free to use within Australia (did you know that!?) and now they’ve taken it a step further. You can already access the free wifi at around 3,000 of their payphone booths around the country and the plan is to roll it out to all 15,000 of the retro boxes that still exist. Next time you see one head on over, connect to the internet, then every time you pass a booth it’ll use their internet (not your data). They’ve even thrown together a cheeky map to help you find your closest booth.

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just thought it was cool. That said, if Telstra wanna send me a new iPhone like that’s totally cool. Guys..? GUYS!? damn.

Happy surfing!

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