Are these the last days of Lift? One Aussie TikToker says yes.

“Lift is being put down, sent to the junkfood grave yard,” reviewer @russ.eats claims in a recent clip, adding that Coca Cola Amatil may replace it with a new lemony option.

“It is however going to be replaced by Sprite Lemon, which I find a bit confusing,” he said.

He also warned parents that Sprite Lemon would have caffeine added.

“Personally, my take on the rumour is that I couldn’t care less, as long as they have it on tap at Macca’s,” he said.

Watch the clip here:

@russ.eats BREAKING NEWS: Lift rumoured to be killed and replaced ! #russeats #goss #lift #cocacola #cocacolaamatil #food #junkfood #softdrink ♬ original sound – Russ.Eats™️

Most of the comments seemed unmoved by the rumour, with many saying they preferred Solo, probably because it was light on the fizz so you can slam it down fast.

“Solo is better anyways,” one person wrote, where Russ responded, “Apparently that’s the reason for deleting! Solo is killing them in sales.”

Another said that “no one buys it anyway. Always goes out of date at my work.”

But some weren’t happy about the possible move.

“Lift is peak lemon drink. If it dies, I die with it,” someone dramatically said, while another simply said ‘WHAT’.

We’re yet to hear anything official from Coca Cola Amatil.