Whether Valentine’s Day is V-day or more like D-day to you, you can ALWAYS cash in on all the delicious goodies that are coming out the limited time.

Bondi’s Bennet St Dairy is FAMOUS for their incredible and quality cookie dough, and their gorgeous vintage aesthetic and they have now teamed up with the Willy Wonka’s of Australia, Darrell Lea to create something… really… really… special.

Their new limited edition cookie dough log incorporates Darrell Lea’s popular White Chocolate Raspberry Bullets block.

Imagine… creamy white Darrell Lea chocolate, chewy raspberry pieces, crunchy raspberry chips mixed into a buttery cookie…. help.

Perfect to share with your significant other, or to chow down on your own because who wants to share these to be honest?!


You’ll be able to get your hands on them across IGA shelves in NSW and VIC as of last week for $13.

Luckily if you live in Sydney, you can get them delivered to you straight from Bennett St Dairy’s website.

Good luck getting any because I’m gonna buy the store out!!

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