I’m disgusted and very intrigued.

Woolies have begun stocking ‘Calbee Melts’ which are crinkle cut potato chips but with drizzles of ‘creamy cheese’ on the chip.

I honestly don’t know how this works in a bag of chips but they’ve done it!

Tiktoker @ntheresheeats reviewed them on her page and gave them a whopping 8/10.


Original 8/10, cheeseburger 6.5/10 #fyp #woolies #woolworths #chips #cheese #new #review #tiktokfood #foodtiktok #food #foodie #cheeseburger #cool

♬ Material Girl – Madonna

Some people in the comments said the cheese was ‘too gooey’ and honestly that’s turned me off more than anything else could.


At the moment there’s two flavours you can purchase for $4/pop; Original (with the cheese sauce) or Cheeseburger (with the cheese sauce).

Give em’ a go and let us know what you think!

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