Summer entertainment just got a whole lot easier with the latest creations from Captain Morgan, Gordon’s and Smirnoff.

Their new premixed cocktail casks have everything you need for a much-loved summer cocktail – without the fuss. Designed to be enjoyed outside, taken to a picnic, the beach or even your backyard – just add ice and a drop of sunshine.

The Captain Morgan Tropical Punch

Introducing The Captain Morgan Tropical Punch, deliciously sippable and unbelievably convenient.

With flavours of juicy pineapple blended with orange, lemon, lime and a touch of raspberry for a delicious taste of the tropics.

The best part is that Captain Morgan has already mixed this one for you, so rally up the crew! Rip open the tap, grab a glass – and splash the ice.

Gordon’s Pink Berry Cosmo

Dive into a Berry Cosmo without all the effort. Just open the tap, grab a glass, and add some ice. A deliciously pink twist on a classic, Gordon’s Pink Berry Cosmo, boxed.

Juicy flavours of raspberry, tangy redcurrant and cranberry, with signature Gordon’s gin juniper and a bit of lime zest.

Smirnoff Passionfruit Martini

Roll out the red carpet… or the picnic blanket…Our signature Smirnoff Passionfruit Martini has arrived, and it’s summer ready!

Combining Smirnoff vodka and the smooth taste of vanilla with juicy passionfruit and zesty lime flavours, expertly mixed and ready to share with friends.

Timeless, delicious and effortless, just like you.

Captain Morgan Tropical Punch, Gordon’s Pink Berry Cosmo, Smirnoff Passionfruit Martini 2L casks are available on shelves across Australia in BWS, Dan Murphy’s and Independent retailers. All priced at $38.00.

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