As a young man I will never fully understand the agony of living through the menstrual cycle EVERY SINGLE MONTH, but as a son, husband and decent member of society it’s my duty to support the women in my life through it however I can. That’s why the video below brings me such joy.

Somedays‘ are a company based in Vancouver, Canada who are undertaking the mammoth task of making period pain less miserable. They make specialized heat packs, creams, oils, teas and bath products all aimed at reducing the intensity of period pain, providing relief and relaxation (and yes, they ship to Australia).

They’re going viral on TikTok and around the web at the moment due to a pop-up stand at the Calgary Stampede, an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival in Calgary, Canada. Yeah, rodeo, like cowboys and stuff. The company invited men of all ages to try the “period pain simulator” and, as expected, they were all blown away by what some women experience every four weeks.


@getsomedays Come visit us at the calgary stampede! Booth 212 in the maker market. #periodpain #periodtips #periodtiktok #endo #endometriosis #periods ♬ original sound – @somedays



It’s the “yeehaw” for me haha.


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