Heliograf is an award-winning collaboration of Angus Ware and Jeffrey Simpson, based in Sydney, Australia and they’ve created what has to be the cutest lamp EVER!

‘Light Soy’ is their debut product and it’s a lamp in the shape of those iconic single-use soy sauce fish you get when you buy sushi.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve never even THOUGHT ABOUT the environmental impact of those tiny innocent fishie-shaped bottles.

This lamp isn’t just aesthetic but it has a message!

They’re attempting to highlight the shocking impact plastic has on the ocean by creating a lamp that’s literally made from recycled ocean bound plastics in the shape of one of the biggest contributors.


Light Soy is made from 75% recycled ocean-bound plastic which is plastics “cleaned up in areas that are the source of ocean plastic pollution.”

Using biodegradable, plastic-free materials for packaging and aim to reach 100% ocean-bound plastics in their products

Look… they are not cheap… but why should they be?

They are iconic statement pieces for your home, crafted locally in Australia with a small business.

That all sounds good to me.


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