Aldi is as Aldi does, and it’s found another crowd favourite to ‘spoof.’

If you’re an avid Caramilk fan but also believe in keeping to a budget, Aldi’s new caramelised white chocolate block is a godsend!


For $1.99 fans are claiming it’s the “most delicious dupe yet,” and at less than half the price it’s in good stead!

“It tastes just like real Cadbury but I think it is a limited run,” one woman said.

While others said it wasn’t quite as good as ‘the real thing’ but worth buying.

“Very close in taste. Slightly different texture (didn’t dissolve in the roof of my mouth as creamy), but pretty damn close for $1.99,” one woman wrote.


But not everyone was convinced.

“I would prefer one block of real Caramilk to any dupe, no matter the price,” another woman added.

The level of excitement for this one is unparalleled!


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