Red Rooster (Reds) has launched ‘crave_ware’ – an AI- powered technology solution developed by Red Rooster Research & Development and designed to satisfy hunger cravings in real time. It delivers the ultimate in food convenience to customers – before they even know they need it!


The crave_ware technology (installed into a bespoke Reds t-shirt) is designed to listen to and categorise people’s stomach rumbles. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only does it listen to tummy rumbles, but it also cleverly distinguishes them from all those other bodily noises like burps, farts etc) It then goes one step further, placing a personalised meal order with Reds on behalf of the customer – all based on the intensity and duration of those tummy rumbles! Pretty crazy, huh?


crave_ware launches early March. Visit for more information.

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