It’s no secret that Kyle & Jackie go through A LOT of coffee!

A large weak latte for Kyle and small latte with one Equal for Jackie.

By 6am, Kyle goes through three coffees and Jackie has two. This is just pre-show!

Coffee Mel/bland Mel/basic Mel makes a million trips up and down the roof top coffee bar and by the time they get off air, collectively they go through about 20 coffees (give or take depending on the day).

They’ve been in breakfast radio for over 17 years, it only makes sense that they’d need some extra energy.

If you’ve ever wondered which coffee bean they indulge in, it’s the Cinque Stelle Special Bar Coffee Beans from Vittoria! This specific bean is served at Australia’s most recognised and esteemed hatted restaurants such as Bentley, Monopole and Porteno. So it only makes sense that the King and Queen of radio enjoy it too!

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