Welcome Melbourne, to the end of boring radio.

Hosted by none other than Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, with their infectious energy, razor-sharp wit, and unfiltered banter the duo bring a touch of pop culture, celebrity gossip, and trending topics daily! They’ll make you laugh, cry and sometimes even question your sexuality!

Kyle & Jackie hold arguably the biggest team in Australia and unlike any other show, they often interact with their producers. Whether it be quizzing them and asking for their opinions or life experiences, the team is very much involved in the chaos. The producers are a wild bunch from all corners of society with their own crazy back stories, so they’re often called upon throughout the show.

To get you familiar with the circus, meet the team!


“I’m a fuel guzzling,

ex f-boy,

c**e sniffing asshole”


“It takes me ages to collect the dots,

I’m single,

a single mother,

and i’m STI free and always have been”


Senior Journalist / News Talent Development

“I’m the show journalist, and you can also see me sometimes on Channel 7.

I’m gay, and used to go out every weekend trying to pick up guys.

now I’m basically married to my boyfriend Damien and live in the suburbs.

I own a Tesla and Kyle thinks I’m woke!

I love Britney Spears.”


Executive Producer

“I won my job here a few years back and now I’m the show’s EP.

I have a tiny p*nis… If you look at the nail on your pinky finger… that’s the size of my p*nis.

I have a hot wife, who is pregnant but I don’t talk to her because I’m too busy with work.

I’m an anti-vaxxer and believe in aliens and lizard people.

I was born in Uruguay and came to Australia in 2001.”



“I’m the show’s Director and also Kyle’s manager.

Despite being straight, I love getting pegged.

I have a freakishly long French foreskin… once, my buddies and I shoved $12.85 worth of coins into my foreskin.

I’ve been in and out of dozens of menta­­l hospitals and rehabs.

I used to be a 10 but I lost all my hair recently and put on weight.”



Content Producer

“I’m the longest serving staff member of the show for 10 years.

I’m from Victoria from a town called Simpson.

I accidentally once slept with my cousin.

I was once Australia’s most hated man for making Steve Smith the cricketer cry at the sand paper gate press conference.

I’m Kyle’s best friend outside of work.”


We Don’t Know What He Does

“Former NRL footy player who gave up the game to join the media.

Played five seasons at the Melbourne Storm and one at the Manly Sea Eagles.

Son of Matty, nephew to Joey.

Don’t really know what I do around the joint.”


Content Producer

“I’m Croatian,

I was born a woman,

I’m the most experienced woman on the team,

and I can vape with my m**t.”


Video Producer

“I’m a divorced,

I’m gay,

I’m British,

and a sex addict currently spiralling back into the depths of d*ck and filth.”


Digital Content Producer

“I take care of the social media/podcast for our show.

My nickname started when Kyle discovered my last name was Kanna. It reminded him of cunnilingus. So I’m Lingus for short.

I’m Assyrian & Armenian. So basically a Kardashian.

I have toe thumbs like Megan Fox.

I ‘famously’ don’t suck d**k.”


Content Producer

“I was a teacher for 10 years.

I was on My Kitchen Rules with my mum in 2018.

I love boybands, pop stars, and anything millennial.

I auditioned for Australian Idol but didn’t make it. Auditioned again for Kyle on air… didn’t make it again”


Guest Booker & Entertainment Producer

“Pretty stereotypical Melbourne girl, loves my coffee and real footy.

Britney Spears follows me on Twitter and I don’t know why.

Huge Swiftie, even have a podcast called ‘Ready For It’.

Was poached from being an Entertainment Producer on Kyle’s favourite show, The Project”


In-Studio Producer / Panel Operator

“My nickname is ‘Thing’ because my hand usually appears out of nowhere to help press a button or

pull up a fader in the studio (like ‘Thing’ from the Addams family).

I’m on-air from 5am, warming the seat for Kyle and Jackie O every morning.

I am one of the 10,000 homosexuals employed by the show.

I burst into tears at the drop of the hat.

I have the best legs on the team.”


Content Assistant / Coffee Guy

“I make coffee for Kyle, Jackie & the team.

I once got car head from a girl because I told her I work on this show.

I spend $89 per month on different Only Fans accounts.

I get told I have no life skill.

I like to take girls on Açai dates.”


“Veteran & Former Paratrooper in the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment.

Addicted to rap music.

I have a one eyed Italian Greyhound named Master P (like the rapper).

Never once started a fight but I’ve finished plenty.”


Senior Producer *ON MAT LEAVE*

“My nickname comes from a messy sex story!

I’ve only had one p*nis in my life.

Before I got married I was getting f**gered on the dance floor.

I’m just an ordinary girl in an ordinary world (as classed by Kyle).”


Show Censor

No comment.


Show Censor

No comment.

Now that you’ve met the team, strap in and get ready for a radio experience like no other!