Married At First Sight Australia contestants Timothy Smith and Andrea Thompson are rumoured to be dating after several sightings together and a reported ‘sleepover’.

Tim, 51, was originally paired with the iconic Lucinda while Andrea, also 51, was paired with Richard but both couples parted ways before the final vows ceremony.

An article by Yahoo! Lifestyle reported that the pair were “spending an increasing amount of time together recently” alongside a photo of them ‘shopping and running errands’ on Chapel Street.

The woman pictured between the pair is thought to be Andrea’s daughter Evie.

Andrea even posted a video of Tim sleeping at her house while they watched the final vows episode together, making us VERY sceptical.


“We’re watching Jack and Tori’s final vows, Indi and I,” she said in the clip.

“With Timmy,” she revealed, “he’s so into it he’s fallen asleep. He’s that bored.”

While Lucinda and Timothy have been open about their close friendship outside of the experiment, they shut down rumours of a reconnection, assuring the public they are just friends.

Lucinda has publicly shared her close friendship with both Timothy and Andrea, making us think this could be her match making work because let’s be honest, it’s something she would do.


Lucinda revealed that after leaving the experiment and ending her relationship with Tim, she flew straight to Andrea’s home on the Sunshine Coast, labelling their friendship as ‘soul sisters’.

Looks like Lucinda may have given her seal of approval? We’ll keep you updated…

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