Not gonna lie, last night’s ep was nowhere near as fun as the first, but it still had a few interesting moments!

We start with an update on how our first two couples are spending their first morning together… Spoiler alert, Tamara and Brent are still at a stalemate over knifegate and pro wrestler dad Anthony is trying to feed his gorgeous wife Selin, who understandably doesn’t like being fed (it’s weird, admit it!).

Our first couple is Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar, who are both Italian and both like dogs, so are apparently perfect for each other (these MAFS experts set people up for the same kind of reasons my mum does). BUT there’s a huge obstacle that could stand in the way of true love! Domenica has been married and divorced after 2 months, a dark secret she shares with everyone at the reception before telling Jack finally at the end.

Luckily, Jake seems like a good dude and takes it all in his stride, and now they can hopefully go on to live happily ever after making Nonna’s vegetarian lasagna and cuddling up with this lil cutie:



This episode also introduced us to Ella Ding who looks like Martha (Kalifatidis), acts like Martha but apparently, isn’t Martha? And her skeptical new husband Mitch Eynaud who will probably end up in a 90’s boyband at the end of the season. Going by the way MAFS experts match people (both single parents, both Italian) I can only guess they’ve been matched cos they both love Instagram. You can’t convince me these two just didn’t apply for Love Island and Channel 9 repurposed them to spice up this year’s MAFS.

They meet at the altar, and Ella is immediately blown away by how perfect her husband is, and their first interaction is a bunch of describing words just thrown at each other, actual transcript “Smile. Short. Groomed. LOUD NOISES”


They don’t have any friends or family at their wedding, which probably shows how much faith Channel 9 has in their union, but gives them a chance to have an intimate first dinner. The vibe is definitely steamy (at least from Ella’s direction) and she keeps looking at him like I’d probably look at a plate of Nonna’s lasagna. Ella wastes no time in taking their relationship to the next level and Mitch seems keen to go along.

And luckily, this is where it ends for us… until the honeymoon which probably takes place in a section of the Love Island set.

Image credit: Channel 9



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