MAFS bride Domenica Calarco has responded after being labelled “creepy” over comments she left on the TikTok account of Robert Irwin.

Robert Irwin has only recently turned 18 and so when 28 year old Dom commented on his TikTok calling the teenager “handsome” and asking him to be her date to the Logies the internet was not having it.

“God you are so handsome,” she commented on one of his videos.

“Robert, would you like to come to the Logies with me on Sunday? Xx” she added.

“That’s gross, predatory behaviour,” one user replied to Dom’s comment. “Be a better human and do better.”

Domenica replied: “Chill out he’s of legal age. Wow.”

This became a huge topic of conversation that ended up being discussed in multiple popular Facebook groups.


In Life Uncut’s post, Domenica offered a response to the backlash.

“In Australia, legal age is 16. He is 18. He can drink alcohol. I can ask him to come to the Logies with me, and say that he is handsome,” she wrote.

“Take a chill pill everyone.”

She then questioned why she can’t call the teenager “handsome”, and why inviting him to an event is any different from “young boys [inviting] supermodels or pop stars to prom”.

“Society is becoming so [politically correct] it hurts,” she concluded.

“[It’s] especially concerning coming from someone 10 years older than him,” another Life Uncut listener wrote. “This shouldn’t be normalised.”


“Agree, so creepy,” another wrote.

In her IG Story, she can be seen sitting at a table with two beers. She then invites Robert to come and have a beer with him and she even tagged him in the IG Story.

Robert Irwin has yet to comment.

Might be due to the fact that he has a girlfriend…

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