From the producers of Married At First Sight, Love Triangle challenges a group of singles to relinquish their grasp on what they think their perfect partner should look like, and instead choose someone, sight unseen, based on a deeper connection.

They will be able to text and call their potential matches as they get to know each other, but they, along with the audience, won’t discover what the other looks like until they make their choice, and go on their first blind date. Everything hangs on this decision – will they like what they see when they first meet? And if they don’t, can they overcome a lack of attraction to form a genuine connection?

It’s after these first dates that things will really fire up when the newly formed couples move in together for a highly unpredictable and explosive relationship journey filled with love, heartbreak and a mind-blowing twist that will rock the couples to their core.

Check out the trailer:

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