Our childhood dreams are about to come true. Teletubbyland is coming to Sydney!

A real-life set is being built and we’re all invited to the Tubby’s home dome.

As the sun-baby on the horizon giggles, you’ll be treated to 90-minutes of unexpected joyful Teletubbies-themed fun in our amazingly decorated venue. Sip on a Tubby Custard cocktail and nibble some Tubby Toast while a DJ spins some 90’s throwbacks!

If you’re lucky, you may even see one of the Teletubbies!

Tickets start from $10 and this ticket includes access to 90 minutes inside the bar, a themed cocktail (or mocktail) on arrival, nostalgic fun and games, Tubby surprises and more!

Your inner-child can click HERE to book a seat.


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