Rebel Wilson has made shocking claims about the producers of her new film.

In an instagram post, Rebel revealed that her directorial debut ‘The Deb’ had been selected by the Toronto Film festival for the coveted slot of the closing movie.

She says though, that the films producers are blocking the release – a move she believes is retaliation after she reported their bad behaviour.

Rebel captioned the video “if my movie gets buried at least you know why.” Amanda Ghost, Gregory Cameron and executive producer Vince Holden are all called out for this and Rebel adds that the behaviour wasn’t insignificant – accusing the producers of behaving inappropriately towards the films cast and embezzling funds.


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Since posting, the producers have released a statement in response:


“RW’s allegations are false, defamatory, and disappointing,” a spokesperson for the producers told Deadline later in the day.

“Her self-promotional claims are clearly intended to cause reputational harm to the individuals who have supported her directorial debut film The Deb — a joyous movie that we’re very proud of and are looking forward to sharing with audiences. For her to promote a false narrative to advance her own agenda undermines the film and all the people who worked on this project.”

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