You asked, we answered.

We get hundreds of questions come through about The Kyle & Jackie O Show, whether it be about the engine room, producers or talent.

So here are your top questions, finally answered!


Do you ever have to work weekends?
Do you guys steal a lot of stuff?
Who’s the top dog? What’s the pecking order?
How do I listen from Newcastle?
Is it written in your contracts to say “my apologises” to Kyle when he doesn’t like what you say?
Can you do a Besties x Missy The Censor?
Can we get an uncensored show?
Has anyone on the team ever had a sexual encounter with someone famous?
Where do the producers go after the show finishes?
What’s Hulk’s Instagram?
Who doesn’t get along?
How long does it take to prep a show? What is on each prep sheet?
Why don’t we know the Censor’s names?
If you were all on a TV show like Survivor, who would win?
Why did Pedro become so serious once he got promoted?
Does Cooper go for Manly or Storm?
If Cooper had to choose one of the gay producers to get, who would he pick?
Cooper, what’s it feel like doing nothing and getting paid a shit ton?
How does Intern Pete cope with all the flack he gets from Kyle & Jackie?
Has Intern Pete ever had a wet dream about Kyle?
Is Intern Pete really dumb or just pretends?
Has Intern Pete ever been fired?
Does Brooklyn have a huge p*nis?
When is Brooklyn getting married?
When will Mayo be back?
Why is Mayo’s nickname, Mayo?

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