It’s fair to say that as a collective, we’ve all spent more time on ticketing websites over the past few days than we probably have at any point in our lives.

And yep, there’s been a hell of a lot of people stuck in a hellish loop of watching that waiting room refresh every ten seconds, some of us walked away with Taylor Swift tix, others began ruing the day that they decided not to sign up for a new AMEX card.

But there’s some good news here…in the form of MORE SHOWS!!!

Aussies are getting two extra dates as part of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour and to be honest, it’s absolutely massive.

Both Melbourne and Sydney Swifties are set to get one more show each at their respective massive venues. That’s an extra show at the MCG on Feb 18 next year and another one at Sydney’s Accor Stadium on Feb 26.

Tix for both dates will go on sale with the rest of the tickets, this Friday at 10am. And we’re told that this is absolutely the last of the dates, with no more to be added. MAKE OR BREAK, PEOPLE!

Of course, we’ve got your back here, keep listening to KIIS all day for your chance to win THE HOTTEST TICKETS WE’VE EVER LAID OUR HANDS ON.


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