After 10 years of shows from our former KIIS HQ in Macquarie Park, Kyle & Jackie O are now broadcasting from their brand-new, state-of-the-art studio overlooking over Sydney Harbour! And doesn’t she look beautiful.

Now live from North Sydney at the top of the iconic Coca-Cola Place building, Kyle & Jackie O’s new headquarters have the worlds latest in broadcasting technology and the first in Australia – taking the title of best radio studio in the world!

When NSW Premier Chris Minns officially opened the studio,  Kyle said to the Premier: “Would you agree with me this is the most technically advanced studio you’ve ever seen? Jackie then added: “It’s like NASA out there.” – It sure is.

One of the studio’s biggest features (and Kyle’s favourite toy), is the technological advance screen system. The studio has full transparent MESH LED fitted to the harbour view windows and at the flick of a switch, the window converts into a 5 meter video screen – that’s basically a 225 inch TV. Netflix and chill taken to the next level. There’s also an LED Ceiling Light Wrap above the Kyle & Jackie’s desk along with a floor to ceiling 4m video wall and the list goes on. A HUGE shoutout and thanks to the entire team atAMEC Design and their support partners LEDPoint, they helped us to have the first of its kind in Australia.

Love this? You’ll love this bit from Will & Woody – catch the boys weekdays from 4PM on KIIS 1065