Everyone in Sydney’s been talking about it. KIIS 1065 is the station giving people the chance to win $5 MILLION in our latest competition, the Free Money Frenzy, in celebration of our 5th birthday.

It’s sent excited Sydneysiders into a literal frenzy (hence the name of the competition) as they try to call up and go into the draw for the chance to win the life changing cash.

But it seems this competition has also inspired one Kyle and Jackie O listener to perform a pretty savage only lying prank call on their son.

Mariam called up Kyle and Jackie O with the idea of telling her son that she had just won the mega amount of cash in our competition!

But she didn’t stop there… She also told him that she had already decided what to spend the money on! One million for her parents, one million each to her daughters, a million on a house… the only thing she didn’t really save any of the millions for was him!

“I’m going to tell him I won it and then I’m going to tell him I’m sorry I forgot you,” Mariam told us during the set up.

And it worked better than ever expected. Although it was pretty darn brutal… 


In fact, Mariam’s son Muhammad didn’t just get mad at being the forgotten child. He was actually brought to TEARS!!


Listen to the hilarious Only Lying – Free Money Frenzy edition in the video above!

And don’t forget, today is your last chance to get yourself in with a chance at the $5 MILLION in our Free Money Frenzy! #KeepKIISLoud

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