While Sabrina Carpenter‘s single ‘Espresso’ has taken the world by storm, her latest marketing strategy hasn’t gone down too well.

To promote her single, Sabrina surprised fans by working a shift as a Barista at Blank Street Coffee Shop in London.

Fans captured videos of stunt, showing Sabrina serving customers at the till in what seemed like a fun way to promote her single.

‘She’s working late because she’s a baristaaaa’, the coffee shop wrote along with a series of photos of the ‘Nonsense’ singer, ‘Thanks @sabrinacarpenter for popping by Charlotte St and serving up some me espressos 💋


The stunt appeared to rattle some fans, with the singer receiving backlash online for ‘cosplaying’ as a minimum wage worker.

One fan wrote, “a billionaire cosplaying as the working class? i’m a fan but i just can’t support this”, while another wrote “why do celebs love to cosplay as min wage workers?”.

Others defended the stars actions online, explaining that the stunt is clearly a playful nod to her single Espresso and there wasn’t any harmful intent behind it.



Backlash aside, the stunt was a welcome surprise for some fans who shared the moment online.


i love sabrina carpenter!!!!!!!! #sabrinacarpenter #espresso 💌💌💌 @Sabrina Carpenter

♬ Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter – Jules’ Music Corner ☺️

How iconic would it be to be served Espresso by the Espresso queen herself?!

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