Kids and adults alike are going to LOVE these new adorable Cadbury Bunny share packs – perfect for Easter eggs hunts, or you know, eating on the couch by yourself when the kids have gone to bed!

They come in 4 delicious flavours: Dairy Milk Marble, Dairy Milk Milk Chocolate, Caramilk Marble and Dairy Milk Clinkers.

You can also pick up this special bunnies Gift Box range, available in Clinkers, Caramilk Marble and Coconut Rough! With 4 bunnies and a large hollow egg in each box, it’s the perfect special treat to gift this Easter!

Humpty Dumpty is back on the wall, and this time he has been put back together again in a new treat size. Available in a 25g single serve and in a multipack carton of 6, Humpty is filled with colourful mini beanies and is an easy portion size for kids!


Image credit: Cadbury

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