Two DIY Easter cocktail kits have been released by Cocktail Porter giving you just enough time to organise yourself before the Easter weekend.

What suits your fancy more? A ‘Messina Salted Caramel Easter Egg Cocktail’? or perhaps a ‘Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny Espresso Martini’?

Let’s be honest, they’re both good.

Can you think of a better way to bond with the family (well… those that are 18+)?

The Easter Bunny Espresso Martini Kit comes in two sizes and includes some Cîroc Vodka, Seven Seeds Cold Filter Coffee and Mr Black Coffee Liqueur which you can shake up and pour into the Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny for the cutest cocktail out there!

If bunnies aren’t your thing then the Messina Dulce De Leche & Coffee Cocktail Kit is the one for you.

Again, this bad boy comes in two sizes and includes Baileys, Minor Figures Mocha Cold Brew, Messina Dulce De Leche Topping and Mr Black Coffee Liqueur all to be poured in a chokkie egg because a) the sweet balances the bitter and b) IT’S EASTER DUH.

The small-sized kit creates 6 incredible cocktails and only costs $80 and the larger kit can make 12 but it’ll cost you $140!

Happy Easter to all you adults, it’s gonna be a good one!

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