Long time vegan Natalie Portman would have been relieved to know that co-star Chris Hemsworth stopped eating meat for a whole day in preparation for their kiss scenes.

Portman became a vegetarian when she was just nine years old and has been vegan for more than 10 years. She revealed that she didn’t request that Hemsworth avoid meat before their kiss, but he just took it upon himself because he’s ‘a very nice person’.

Here they are behind the scenes of Thor: Love and Thunder:

“The day we had a kiss scene, he didn’t eat meat that morning because I’m vegan.

“And he eats meat like every half hour. Like, that was so thoughtful. That’s not something I’m angry about or care about, but he was just being thoughtful. He’s just a very nice person.”


The sweet gesture came as a surprise to fellow Thor: Love and Thunder star Tessa Thompson, who added: “I didn’t even know he could go without eating meat. He’s [usually] just, like, eating bison in the morning. That’s so sweet.”

The thought of Chris consuming bison in the morning is just…

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