Supermarket chain Woolworths have today informed all customers they are further restricting the sale of products.

Due to quick purchasing patterns across their stores, toilet paper was restricted to 4 packages per customer earlier this week.

Rules have now also been applied to rice, with a limit of 1 pack for all bags over 2kg.

Hand sanitiser has been moved from the hygiene aisle and will now be behind the customer service counter. It will also be restricted to 2 per transaction.

Woolworths Chairman Brad Banducci said in a statement to customers “we’re constantly monitoring the situation and will do our best to keep all products freely available to everyone. However, if we see new shortages, we may introduce other limits. We’ll only do this if we think it’s absolutely necessary and to help make sure all customers can access the products they need. We’ll keep you updated in our stores and on our website as things change.”