When Schapelle Corby returned home to Australia in 2017 following a nine year stint in Bali’s Kerobokan Prison, all she wanted was to adjust to normal life out of the spotlight.

But for some reason it seemed that people were keen to see her take on a role on reality TV after a Facebook page was created titled, ‘Schapelle Corby for The Bachelorette 2018’.

Of course, Channel 10 clearly never paid any attention to the page as Ali Oetjen went on to become the leading lady on the franchise followed by Angie Kent. But that didn’t stop the rumours from flowing, claiming that Schapelle would one day be handing out roses on the show.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning in a tell-all interview, the guys asked Schapelle whether the Bachelorette was something she would actually consider doing.

“Knowing how media shy you are, it now makes me laugh when I read stories where they say, ‘Oh Schapelle’s going to be the new Bachelorette’, “ Jackie said.

“Which I think is a fabulous idea,” Kyle added.

“I have a boyfriend,” Schapelle replied. Earlier in the chat she told us that her boyfriend was still living in Bali where he ran a stand up paddle board shop.


“There’s always rumours about you’re going to do this reality show, or that reality show,” Jackie said. “But I kind of get the impression that you would never sign up for something like that.”

But Schapelle’s answer to this actually surprised us!

“Never say never,” Schapelle revealed.

Of course, if not the Bachelorette seeing as she techinically isn’t single, maybe another reality show.

Kyle said he’d love to see her on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, which she said would certainly be a challenge because she’s vegetarian.

“I’m a vegetarian. I can’t eat spiders! I can eat roots and leaves,” she joked.


Jackie then thought that maybe Schapelle could show up on the next season of The Masked Singer! After the first season aired, we learnt that you really never know who could be singing under those clever disguises!

She didn’t really give a definitive answer there but did tell us that she loved the show.

“When I was on parole I used to watch the Korean Masked Singer, so I was so excited! I love that show,” Schapelle admitted.

So will we see Schapelle appear on a reality TV show sometime in the future? Well we guess as she said, never say never!

Hear our full interview with Schapelle Corby in the podcast below!