While the past has seen all of Australia go crazy for collectables from various supermarket stores, people are up in arms about the latest edition from Coles.

Coles have announced that their Stickeez collectables will be getting a new range, introducing 24 new characters for people to collect along with a new healthy eating program to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables.

But not everyone is happy about their return, with someone actually creating a Change.org petition calling for the range to be scrapped due to their “wasteful plastic promotions”.

“These ‘toys’ are close to useless and most will end up in landfill,” reads the petition.

“Coles are promoting their link to a recycling operation so the Stikeez can be recycled but doesn’t that beat the purpose? COD our children (and some adults) really need them in the first place?”

So far, the petition has been signed by more than 28,000 times.

Earlier this week the chief marketing officer Lisa Ronson said in a press release that they wanted to bring the Stikeez collectables back “but in a more sustainable way”, according to Yahoo! News.


“Customers can now return any duplicate, old and spare Stikeez back to Coles supermarkets to be recycled,” Ms Ronson said.

“They’re also wrapped in responsibly sourced paper that’s fully recyclable in kerbside recycling bins at home.”