In an absolute twist of events for NSW, police are relaxing regulations this coming October.

For the first time… ever? Double Demerit Points will not be enforced over the October long weekend in New South Wales.

Why? you may ask…

Well, the Police Minister David Elliot revealed to The Daily Telegraph that the cops are empathetic to how ‘rule-weary’ we all are at the moment and need a break from regulations.

As the long weekend will almost definitely fall whilst we’re all still in lockdown, you shouldn’t be outside for no reason ANYWAY, and cops and mobile cameras will still be out in force to catch those who do the wrong thing, but you just won’t be slammed with the double demerits.

“We’ve been ruled and regulated for months… We are conscious of the anxiety these Public Health Orders have created in the community. People feel they have been governed within an inch of their life.”

“This doesn’t mean you won’t get fined if you do the wrong thing. The police will still be out in force. This is more about giving people a break after a long, tough year.”


“And I’ll continue to look at what breaks we can offer up while we work towards 80%…”

Double demerits haven’t been suspended ever, since they began in 1997, we are living in unprecedented times people!


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