NSW residents will within 48 hours be permitted to invite up to 20 people into their homes as part of another easing of coronavirus-prompted restrictions.

Up to 20 people will also from Saturday be permitted to gather in an outdoor space, while food courts will be reopened with social distancing regulations.

The changes follow the state government’s decision on Wednesday to permit adult and children community sports around NSW to resume from July 1 after halting in March.

Gyms and other physical fitness centres will reopen from June 13.

“Please do not let your guard down,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian warned on Thursday.


“Please think about how you will treat your loved ones and how you will treat those who might have underlying illnesses that can be impacted more heavily by the virus.”

However, crowds at professional sporting events remain off the table for now, as stadium operators begin developing coronavirus management plans.

Ms Berejiklian this week also said she would seek to draw a line in the sand for mass gatherings in NSW after last Saturday’s Black Lives Matter protest.

Some 20,000 people joined the rally in Sydney after the Court of Appeal deemed it lawful less than 15 minutes before the start.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller on Thursday said police would fight in court a second BLM rally planned at Sydney’s Town Hall on Friday, and issue $1000 fines to anyone who attends.

“We know that the organisers can’t control the numbers. We know that they can’t meet the health obligations that are in place for everyone else,” Mr Fuller told Sydney radio 2GB.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday the BLM protests across Australia had likely delayed the lifting of restrictions on funeral attendances.