McDonald’s is the latest company to jump on the environmentally friendly train with a bid to try and limit their use of plastic, particularly with their straws.

The fast food giant has made a pledge to try and phase out plastic straws in their Aussie restaurants by 2020, with replacement ideas currently being tested out.

Some Macca’s stores around the country have put up signs telling customers that they will be keeping the plastic straws behind the counter and that they will need to ask for one if they need it.

Others are testing out the possibility of using paper straws.

A spokeswoman from McDonald’s told Daily Mail Australia that they are currently working with various suppliers to try and find an environmentally friendly solution while also keeping their customers happy.

“At Macca’s, we’re always looking for way to reduce our environmental impact and in recent years, we have made numerous changes to our packaging,” the spokeswoman said.

“We remain committed to phasing out the use of existing plastic straws by the end of 2020, and we have been working for some time with our suppliers and partners to find appropriate, viable and sustainable alternatives.


“As part of this work, we have been conducting a number of trials in restaurants around the country – including paper straws and providing straws from behind the counter.”

But it seems that the paper straws may not be a practical solution, especially for some drinks available from Macca’s.

When McDonald’s over in the UK switched to paper straws last year one angry customer, Martin Reed, posted a photo of his straw going completely soggy and unusable in his thick shake.

He started a petition in the UK to bring back plastic straws, with 51,023 signatures of the 75,000 needed currently signed.