It might seem like the worst of winter is over here in Sydney after we’ve been treated to plenty of sun and warmer than usual weather over the past few weeks.

But it seems that the worst is yet to come with weather forecasters now warning that the biggest cold snap of the year is on it’s way to eastern and southern states of Australia.

It’s reported by Weatherzone that a polar front is approaching and it’s set to bring freezing, Antarctic-borne air with it from Thursday or Friday this week.

“Some computer models predict that the impending air mass will be one of the coldest so far this season,” forecasters have said.

The cold snap is set to bring a mixture of rain, thunderstorms, hail, low-level snow and damaging winds to the southeast of the country.

While this might not be the best news for those counting down the days until Summer, it’s great for those heading out to the ski fields. Victoria and NSW’s alpine regions are expected to be covered in heavy snow fall over a few days.

A decent amount of rainfall is also expected to hit a significant part of NSW later in the week as a high pressure system approaches, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, with some risk of thunder and hail in some parts.


So get your brolly and your jumpers ready! It’s about to get cold out there.