Australia’s long spell of hot and dry weather will continue into summer, with the Bureau of Meteorology warning communities to prepare for the most severe fire danger.

BoM’s summer outlook shows a higher than average chance of above-average day and nighttime temperatures for most of the country and above-average chance of drier conditions.

The bureau said the spring weather we are currently experiencing could be one of the driest on record.

Andrew Watkins, the BoM’s head of long-range forecasts, said there was an 80% chance of warmer than usual days and nights for much of the country through summer.

“Summer’s looking particularly dry with high odds of drier-than-average conditions right down the east coast, including Tasmania,” Watkins said.

Continuing, Watkins said, “We’ve already seen significant bushfire activity during spring, and the outlook for drier and warmer-than-average conditions will maintain that heightened risk over the coming months.” Watkins said.