WARNING: The article contains graphic images

Blogger Annie Nolan has reportedly been involved in a bloody dog attack in Melbourne on Sunday.

The wife of former Western Bulldogs hero Liam Picken took to Instagram to find the owner of one of the dogs.

Nolan says she was in her car when she saw a larger dog attacking a smaller one in Footscray at around 3pm.

She said she didn’t wish ill-will for the owner or dog but just wanted to help the smaller dog’s owner get their vet bills covered and find out if the dog had any diuseases.

“Hi friends, just seeking some help to locate the owner of the dog involved in the dog attack on the corner of Barkly and Victoria street in Footscray,” Nolan wrote.

“We DO NOT wish ill for this owner or the dog. Simply need contact in hopes they will cover vet bills, inform me if they have any bloodborne diseases (as I am getting blood work done), and we are concerned for the welfare of him and his young daughter who witnessed it.”


“Also to clarify, the dog was on leash and the owner did all they could,” Nolan wrote.

“It didn’t happen anywhere near where I worked today, I simply jumped out of the car with my friend (who also works in the dog grooming industry) to help break up the attack.

“Still looking to get in contact with the owner and hoping they are okay xx.”