A devastated family has issued a warning to all pet owners after their beloved pet dog was killed after ingesting a common garden plant that happens to be highly toxic to animals.

Nicole Lynn from Louisiana in the United States posted about her family’s heartbreak on Facebook, after their 9-month-old pup Rocky had to be put down.

She used the post as a warning to all other pet owners, after it as discovered that Rocky became unwell after eating part of a sago palm.

Ms Lynn’s family had just moved into a new home with the particular palms in the backyard but had no idea how tosic they were until Rocky became incredibly ill, acting lethargic and constantly vomiting.

She took Rocky to the vet and this is when they discovered the cause.

“The vet asked us if we happened to have sago palm tress in our yard,” Ms Lynn wrote on Facebook, alongside an adorable picture of Rocky and the palm tree in question.

“We didn’t know but upon research both trees are indeed sago palms which happen to be highly poisonous to dogs. The entire plan is poisonous and if ingested can be deadly.”


“Our Rocky is only 9 months old. I wish we knew about this before and I truly hope this helps anyone with fur babies out there,” she continued.

Ms Lynn told her friends on Facebook that Rocky was undergoing treatment before releasing a heartbreaking update, telling everyone that their furry friend had to be put down.

“It pains me deeply to inform everyone but Rocky passed away yesterday evening, he will be greatly missed,” she wrote.

“It was by far one of the hardest thing we have had to experience but he is at peace now and is no longer suffering.”

Ms Lynn also informed her followers that the sago palms are also poisonous to cats. She said that the ones in her backyard were being relocated and advised any other pet owners to check their own backyards and do the same.


The post has since been shared over 200 times, in a bid to make sure all pet owners are aware of how deadly the sago palm can be.