A terrifying near miss has been caught on camera when a car drove through a level crossing and was almost hit by a train.

The driver ignored flashing lights and warning signs, avoiding an accident with just seconds to spare.

A new police campaign called #TrainToStop is targeting drivers performing risky behaviour at level crossings. This includes disobeying flashing lights and stop signs, vehicles queuing over the railway tracks, speeding near level crossings and drivers who are distracted by illegal use of mobile phones.

“Police issued almost 1000 penalty notices for level crossing traffic offences in the past two years,” Traffic and Highway Patrol Command’s Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said.

“Disobeying level crossing warning lights and signs can lead to crashes between vehicles and trains where the consequences can be severe.

“Between July 2008 and June 2019 there were 72 collisions between trains and cars at level crossings, resulting in eight fatalities.

“All of which could have been easily avoided.”