There’s one in every suburb. You know, the person who’s iconically known to hang out in a particular area doing something rather random?

Jackie likes to call them the characters in each suburb, whereas Kyle prefers the term “weirdos”. We’ll let you pick which one you’d prefer to use!

But anyway, today Kyle and Jackie O were talking about the various people that are known to roam around various suburbs in Sydney doing some rather unique things.

Jackie brought up the topic on air this morning, asking for people to call up and tell us who their suburb weirdo is.

“We’re talking about weirdos in your suburb. Everyone has a suburb character,” Jackie said.

“Yeah every suburb, I think you’re right, apart from yours Jackie, have the strangeo, the one that everyone knows like the Rabi walker,” Kyle added. “There’s always someone somewhere. The suburb loon.”

Basically Kyle and Jackie wanted to hear about the weirdo in your suburb, and asked our callers to ring and give us the low-down! And BOY did we hear about some characters…


Like did you now that there’s a guy in Penrith who walks around with a pet rat on his head?! Of another guys in Penrith who apparently walks a goat around with a boom box attached to the goat’s collar! (Hmm maybe this is a Penrith thing…)

Hear more in the podcast below!

Do you have a suburb weirdo? Let us know!