The National Cabinet is due to meet today in order to discuss how Australia will begin to ease restrictions at get back to normal. But it doesn’t look like NSW will be making anymore changes for the time being, and definitely not in time for Mother’s Day this weekend.

While some states may see restrictions eased as early as this weekend, it’s up to each individual Premier to decide what is best for their state, and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has expressed that she will be taking a cautious approach.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Gladys told us that “we don’t want to rush” easing the restrictions, and said that we likely won’t see anymore changes made for the rest of May.

The reason being that they want to analyse each change that is made in order to monitor how these changes impact spikes in positive tests.

“In May, from Monday kids go back to school… we’ve seen retail shops open more, and we’re obviously seeing a lot more people visit each other in houses so May is looking much better than April in terms of what we can do,” the Premier said.

“That’s why we don’t want to rush too much ahead of that… Where NSW is concerned, we need to look at what the effect of all this extra easing is going to have in May and then make a decision as to what we can do in June. I don’t want to rush into it. We don’t want to go back to what we were like in March where there were like 200 cases a day.

“By easing back into life gradually we can monitor what is causing spikes,” she added. “So because we’ve got three things in May which are different, we’ll be able to look at the data say, well we’ve got extra cases, why is this?.. If you do too much at once you can’t you can’t keep a hold or a monitor of what’s going on.”


Gladys said that she understands that everyone is going a little bit stir crazy at the moment and is very empathetic because she too lives alone and has felt the stress of that during this time.

But unfortunately NSW has to work diffidently to other states for numerous reasons and hopefully if we adhere to this, we won’t have to move backwards.

“I live by myself so it’s been really hard, over Easter I couldn’t see anybody, so I think all of us are going through our only little iso phases,” Gladys said. “I want success to be us easing restrictions gradually but still having the cases manageable.”

“You need to have a vision for what success looks like and for us in NSW it’s easing restrictions gradually and managing. It’s living with COVID until there’s a vaccine.”

“You can’t really compare the smaller states to NSW,” Gladys continued. “Sydney is a global city. We’ve had thousands of people come back from overseas and we’re still quarantining them.

“We’ve still got at this point in time about 3000 people in our hotels quarantined because they’re Aussies that have flown back… No other state has that so we’ve got a number of things we need to consider.“


Overall, the NSW Premier said that she’s proud of the way that the state has followed the rules so far and hopes that we can continue along this path.

Gladys also went into detail about kids returning to the classroom next week and explained why this would take place gradually at just one day a week.

Hear more about this in the podcast below!

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