Talk about bad luck!

There’s already a very slim chance that you’ll go to Woolies and get your hands on one of the incredibly rare, fluffy Lion King Ooshie toys in their latest promotion that’s sent everyone into a frenzy!

But just imagine actually getting one with your weekly shop, only to LOSE IT moments later!

This is exactly what happened to Kyle and Jackie O listener Greg who had no idea just how valuable the tiny toy actually was at the time.

“I didn’t know what it was,” Greg told us about the Ooshies. “Walking to the car, rip it open just to see what it is, ‘Ah a little furry lion thing’. I said ‘Oh that’s pretty cool’.”

The fact is, there are only 100 of the fluffy Simba toys in circulation. People are SO determined to get their hands on one that they’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on them (Or swap precious items with Kyle) with one currently on sale on eBay for an eye-watering $30,000!


And oh boy does Greg wish that he knew this information before doing what he did next!

Greg told us on air this morning that he was walking to his car, with the furry Simba in hand, after buying his groceries when he noticed a bird doing it’s business on his freshly cleaned car.

And what he did next will send Ooshie enthusiasts INSANE!

“I go to the car and as I’m approaching the car there’s this black and white bird on my roof racks, shiny ute, just washed it, the bird had shat right down the side of my thing.

“So I grabbed this little Ooshie, that is apparently very valuable, and just pegged it at this bird and it flew away and I drove off.”


Oh you’d be kicking yourself, wouldn’t you?! That thing could be worth $30K and he used it to shoo a bird!

“Would’ve been cheaper just to wash my car!” Greg finished.

But the good news for everyone else is, there’s now a rare Ooshie floating around in a car park somewhere in Sydney!

Greg told us that he was going to look for it himself, but if anyone beat him too it, it’s at the Stockland carpark in Wetherill Park on level 2 to be exact!

Let the scavenger hunt begin!

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