You may know Bruno Bouchet as the former Executive Producer of the Kyle and Jackie O show, but in the past week he’s become known as ‘The List King’ after going viral for his ranking of the best and worst chocolate bars.

Last week, Bruno took to his social media accounts to release what he thought was the “100% correct chocolate bar power rankings” from the “god tier” to the “would rather eat a bucket of cat vomit tier”.

The post immediately sparked a conversation amongst his followers, with people quick to comments about whether they agreed or disagreed with the list.

Next came Bruno’s rankings of servo ice creams and we can barely talk about this one based on the terrible positioning of the simply DELICIOUS Golden Gaytime (and we’ll honestly fight anyone who says otherwise).


And now, The List King is back and sparking more controversy than ever on the Kyle and Jackie O show with his latest list, a ranking of Sydney’s best and worst suburbs.

With Bondi in the east sitting fairly low and western Sydney’s Parramatta taking out one of the top positions on the list, it’s fair to say that this was going to get people pretty darn vocal, no matter whether they supported or disputed the list.

And so before people lost their mind completely, Bruno joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to explain his reasoning behind each suburb’s position.


From things like parking availability to the various restaurants and the amount of snobby people about, Bruno had the proof to back up his list! Check out why Bruno thinks these are Sydney’s best and worst suburbs in the video above!

Do you agree with his list..? If not, what do you think is Sydney’s best suburb? Let us know!

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